100 MB storage
2 GB transfer
No addon domain
P 500.00/year!


200 MB storage
4 GB transfer
1 multiple domain
P 1,000.00/year!


500 MB storage
15 GB transfer
5 multiple domains
P 3,000/year!


Start your very own ecommerce site or business web hosting for only PHP 1,000 a year: domain registration for one year and a 100 MB storage and 2 GB bandwidth.

https://pinoywebhosting.net login: password:
Banned Code  

Our Policy

Our servers are not your testing platforms. User accounts are on high end, live server responsible for maintaining many accounts. Your server space is being provided to display your finished product to the web - NOT for testing purposes. If you are uploading a script to our server, you acknowledge that you have already tested your script elsewhere and that you know how to install the script.

Any script that the on duty administrator deems to be potentially threatening to the overall performance of our web server will be terminated immediately and your account access will be locked out. When scripts are executed that are potentially harmful to the server in the long term, the offending account will be terminated immediately without a refund of any pre-paid fees. A termination includes the purging of all files. (Read about Greymatter usage).

Please note the following cgi usage policies:

  • The script must use low system resources. Scripts that consume a large amount of server memory or CPU power will be subject to termination, and/or additional fee.

  • Each user account may not use more than 1% of system resources at any given time.
    Scripts may not interact with any server configuration or hardware. Users running scripts that interact with any server configuration or any hardware will be subject to immediate cancellation of the user account without refund.

  • The script can be used and referenced from any site on the Net (i.e. free counters, etc.) however, scripts must stay within the allowable usage of our system resources. Users using more resources than a single user account is entitled to use will be assessed additional monthly charges.

  • The script must be executed in a timely fashion. Any script that uses the processor for more than a few milliseconds is subject to removal.

  • Scripts must be secure. Unnecessarily chmoding scripts to 777 is a policy violation. Placing scripts in a publicly viewable directory (one without an index.html files) is a policy violation.

  • Any accounts with scripts found in violation of any Protagonist Webhosting policy are subject to future scrutiny of all cgi by our system administrator. If a script is found to be harmful to the system, it will be killed immediately and the account locked until the account owners have been contacted. Any time spent by Pinoy Webhosting to kill a script and/or to lock an account will be billed to the account at a rate of PHP 500.00 per hour. Malicious scripts are subject to immediate account cancellation.

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